The Chill Room

Glass, Glass Blowing, Hookah, & Headshop

The “Glass Gallery at The Chill Room” is a modern, upscale Smoke Shop that’s a pleasant departure from the psychedelic, cluttered mess of the typical “Headshop” today.  We designed the space to be clean, organized and non-intimidating; a comfortable experience for the adult shopper. The Glass Gallery features modern furnishings with appealing colors and wall coverings, professional display cases and a broad selection of quality products that cater to the cannabis enthusiast. We focus on offering our patrons a truly unique experience by featuring works from some of the leading glass artists in the country. Our inventory consists of a wide selection of stunning glass art, hand blown pipes, & more for your pleasure. The centerpiece of the Glass Gallery is a 9-foot by 4-foot picture window that peers into the Glass Studio and allows patrons to view live glass blowing going on all the time.  We have full-time glass artists that rent space and work frequently along with regular Glass Art events that feature some of the biggest names in glass industry today. We also offer three levels of Glass Blowing classes on a regular basis as well as Advanced Glass Blowing Classes with guest Glass Artists as instructors. Our staff consists of people who reflect our family’s core values & practice them in their everyday lives, they offer our customers access to on-demand assistance & learning experiences which contribute to their overall shopping experience. We host live glass blowing events and classes on a regular basis, so you can get an up-close look at how your favorite pieces of art are made & crafted. Glass blowing is an artform that requires extreme attention to detail & precise craftsmanship in order to produce those beautiful works of art we all love. If you’re looking for a new relaxing social lounge to enjoy in the company of your beloved friends & family, the Chill Room is the place you need to visit. We’re located on 7201 Lake Worth Rd in Lake Worth, FL & welcome everyone to come visit us! Take your smoke shop experience to the next level with The Chill Room!