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WELCOME TO The Chill Room

A New Kind of Social Destination

Welcome to The Chill Room, your premier destination for the finest alcohol-free beverages and mocktails. Join us for weekly Open Mic nights, Live Music, DJs, and a relaxing Hookah experience. Celebrate the joy of a sober evening with us!

Fun & Relaxed Environment

Dive into our curated selection of popular cocktails made with alcohol-free spirits, Kava Root Beverages, Botanical Teas, Kombucha, Boba, and specialty coffees. Paired with our “Light-Fare” food menu, you’re in for a treat. Not just a lounge, The Chill Room boasts a vibrant social scene with a Pool Table, Chess Tables, and Board Games. 

Next-Generation Retail Shop

The Chill Room has a unique glass art gallery and gift shop with the finest vape and cannabis supplies, apparel, crystals, jewelry and even live glass blowing and classes. We pride ourselves on our customer service skills and work for our customers to have the best experience possible! You’ll be so glad you came to The Chill Room.

Alcohol-Free Beverages

Immerse yourself in a world where beverages transcend the ordinary. At The Chill Room, we’ve curated a collection of Mocktail beverages from revolutionary non-alcoholic spirits and nature’s most treasured botanicals. From Pacific Island traditions to the lush landscapes of Southeast Asia, every sip is a journey—a celebration of culture, wellness, and unforgettable flavor. Dive in and discover a symphony of tastes that redefine relaxation.


Mocktails are non-alcoholic drink mixtures that mimic traditional cocktails. They offer the same sophisticated flavors and presentation, providing a refreshing and festive alternative for those seeking a sober or family-friendly option.

Kava Root Beverages

Kava Root beverages are traditional drinks made from the ground roots of a dietary supplement called “Kava Kava”. Known for its calming effects, Kava Root beverages have been consumed in the Pacific Islands for centuries, promoting relaxation without alcohol.

Botanical Teas & Elixirs

Discover our captivating range of botanical brews. From the euphoric Mitragyna speciosa to the mesmerizing Blue Lotus and the seductive Damiana, each infusion has its unique charm and characteristic.

We Create the Best Experience Possible

Mocktail Lounge

We proudly serve Mocktails made with the finest alcohol-free spirits, healthful Kava root beverages, euphoric Botanical Teas, Kombucha, Coffee Specialties, and a “Light-Fare” food menu.

Chill Activities

We offer a diverse range of activities, such as Pool, Chess, Board Games, Open Mic, Live Music and Entertainment, ensuring you always experience something new and exciting.

Nex-Generation Retail Shop

Our retail shop features a range of high-quality glass products, the latest Supplies, Hardware, and e-Juices for all your Vaping needs plus Crystals, Jewelry, Clothing & Apparel.

Seeking a serene evening out with friends without the alcohol? The Chill Room offers an ambiance of pure relaxation and bliss. Reach out to us today and discover a new way to unwind!

Franchise Opportunity with The Chill Room

Seize a rare opportunity to be part of the alcohol-free upscale lounge industry with The Chill Room, a unique blend of socializing redefining bars nationwide. Bring people together, offer premium products, and watch your business flourish in this fast-growing sector. Get started today!