Exotic Mocktails & Botanical Wonders

At The Chill Room, when you enter our alcohol-free lounge, every sip takes you on a journey across cultures and traditions. Revel in our premium selection of Mocktails made with quality alcohol-free spirits, euphoric botanical teas, healthy root beverages, and the effervescence of Kombucha. Our specialty brews with 100% Kona coffee from Hawaii promise a delightful escape.

Dive into the rich history of the South Pacific with our authentic Kava drinks, crafted only from the finest Waka-grade lateral roots. Or, let the therapeutic properties of Mitragyna speciosa tea, a tropical marvel from Southeast Asia, ease your day’s worries. Paired with a “light-fare” food menu, our offerings are designed to rejuvenate your senses and redefine relaxation.

At The Chill Room, it’s not just about beverages – it’s an experience of well-being that stands unparalleled. Come, embrace serenity like never before.

Our Alcohol-free Specialty Beverages


In recent years, Mocktail Bars have become popular social hotspots in the US, attracting diverse crowds seeking innovative and health-conscious alternatives to traditional drinks. The Chill Room offers a sophisticated ambiance reminiscent of a classic cocktail lounge with carefully crafted and visually stunning non-alcoholic drinks.

Kava Root Beverages

Indigenous to the Pacific Islands, Kava is a revered plant, historically imbibed in ceremonial rituals for its calming and soothing attributes. The dietary supplement “Kava Kava” has been scientifically proven to reduce stress and anxiety, foster relaxation, and even amplify the quality of socializing.

In the cultural tradition of Fiji, Kava is ceremonially consumed from a coconut shell. As shells are raised in unison, the room resounds with the cheer of “Bula!” Though this word carries many nuances in the Fijian language, at its heart, it’s a joyous exclamation, extending wishes of happiness and good health to all who partake.

Botanical Teas, Elixirs and Beneficial Adaptogens

Hailing from the coffee family, Mitragyna speciosa is a treasured tree native to the lush landscapes of Southeast Asia. Traditionally, its leaves are sun-dried and delicately brewed to craft a rejuvenating tea.

For centuries, this botanical wonder has been sought after for its potential in easing ailments like pain, depression, and anxiety. Dive into our curated collection of healthy Elixirs and Herbal-Infused Adaptogens such as enchanting Blue Lotus and Damiana flowers, celebrated for their serene and aphrodisiacal qualities.

Gain immensely from other beneficial Adaptogens such as functional mushrooms, ginger, turmeric roots and other herbal beverages made fresh daily at The Chill Room.