Retail Store

Next-Generation Retail

Discover our Next Generation Retail Store: a modern fusion of handmade glass art, vape and essentials, enchanting crystals, bespoke jewelry, vibrant tapestries, and unique clothing & apparel. A contemporary haven for the discerning and eclectic shopper.

Vapes & Smoking Supplies

Discover our boutique glass shop, specializing in high-quality smoking accessories and artisanal essentials. Tailored for the discerning consumer, we offer an elegant, non-intimidating and relaxed shopping experience, ensuring you find just what you’re looking for without feeling uncomfortable.

Crystals & Jewelry

Visit our cozy crystal section where you’ll find beautiful gemstones and handmade crystal jewelry. Each piece is crafted with care, perfect for those who appreciate the simple beauty of nature’s treasures.

Clothing, Apparel & Tapestries

Be sure to visit our hippie clothing section for cool apparel, smell-proof accessories and neat tapestries. Whether you’re dressing up or decking out your space, we’ve got something just for you!